You know that what you’re eating may have something to do with how you’re feeling but you have no idea how to change your diet, lifestyle, and mindset to feel better.

Or, perhaps you have a list of things you cannot eat from your doctor and you have no clue what to make anymore. You’re horrified that all the things you used to love are making you sick. So you stop eating, you lose too much weight and you feel worse. Or, you gain weight from eating gluten free processed goods and you still feel awful.

This is my specialty, helping you feel better with real, delicious food and your incredible mind and heart.

If you are ready to feel better and enjoy life as it should be, let me show you how.

In this extraordinary three-month program, you will receive eight private sessions and unlimited one-on-one access to Dr. Meg’s wealth of knowledge about wellness, healing foods, and the mindset required to feel better fast.

GET WELL NOW is an intensive one-on-one coaching program for highly motivated people who are brilliant, strong, open hearted, spiritually minded and bursting at the seams to get well. The program includes a personally tailored food plan, an environmental toxin review and removal plan, and proven methods using the most powerful tool you have available to get well – your brilliant mind and beautiful heart. GET WELL NOW

Ever wish you had a celebrity chef telling you what to eat to be healthy and look great? Here is your chance to have a food plan created just for you based on your likes, health needs and food restrictions plus private time directly with Dr. Meg so you too can learn WHAT CELEBRITIES EAT