You know that what you’re eating may have something to do with how you’re feeling but you have no idea how to change your diet, lifestyle, and mindset to feel better.

Or, perhaps you have a list of things you cannot eat from your doctor and you have no clue what to make anymore. You’re horrified that all the things you used to love are making you sick. So you stop eating, you lose too much weight and you feel worse. Or, you gain weight from eating gluten free processed foods and you still feel awful – perhaps even worse.

On top of that, you know that your past is making your present nearly impossible. You’ve tried therapy and it helped some, but you know that the subconscious mind is in charge and creating havoc in every area of your life.

“I feel so fortunate to have discovered Dr. Meg. She appeared in my life like an angel right when this so called “tough” girl was at the end of her rope. I have some major neurological issues going on in my body (MS) and because I have learned over the past year that all physical symptoms start with unconscious beliefs and unfelt emotions I was intrigued to be introduced to Dr. Meg Haworth and I was drawn to work with her, not only because she too has had her issues with physical dis-eases and has overcome them but also because she has the gift of seeing beyond what is visible with an intuitive knowing.

In just a few sessions, the insight and wisdom she has given me has opened doors in me that have been locked for years. I have done a lot of studying with various top energy doctors and feel I have learned something from all of them. However, it is Dr. Meg’s loving intuitive wisdom that cracked open the answers to some of my toughest questions. Now, I fully understand the tension, tightness in my body that I have had for as long as I can remember. Now, I know how to start working with that and my inner child who never was acknowledged for who she was. Also, now I am in touch with who I really am and am working to evolve my soul regardless of what my body is doing. That is huge.

Before I Met Dr. Meg, my body took up 90 percent of my attention and maintaining my positive outlook on life was beginning to wither and fade. I highly recommend her services to anyone!!!”

Jessi Hastings, RN, LMT and Certified Anat Baniel Method Practitioner

This is my specialty, helping you feel better with real, delicious food and your incredible brilliant mind and heart. If you are ready to feel better and enjoy life as it should be, let me show you how.

One hour, powerfully transformative sessions are done virtually via internet or phone worldwide. Dr. Meg works intuitively with the body-mind to get to the root of the emotional, mental, and spiritual issues that rest at the center of your illness or life challenges. Clients experience rapid results that create freedom from long standing patterns and illness.
This intensive one on one therapeutic program is designed to help you release emotions, beliefs and feelings stuck in your body from childhood experiences of abuse, abandonment, family dysfunction, and not being permitted to just be yourself. Unlike other inner child programs, this one also releases your adult patterns while having the spirit do the healing. This truly holistic therapy helps you integrate fragmented parts of the self through self understanding and self-love. Learn more here.

This online course and group coaching program helps you access and develop the most important asset you’ve got – your own inner wisdom. Gain deep self-trust, clarity, confidence, and a strong connection to your internal guidance system. If you’re a coach, therapist, healer, or small business owner, you are most powerful when you access and develop this guiding force. Learn how you can come home to yourself here.

Ever wish you had a celebrity chef telling you what to eat to be healthy and look great? Here is your chance to have a food plan created just for you based on your likes, health needs and food restrictions plus private time directly with Dr. Meg so you too can learn what celebrities eat.