The Masha is in a class by itself. This makes it puzzling as to why it’s a must have for every kitchen. It’s not a stick blender. It’s not a ricer. It is, simply put, its own category of kitchen product.

A metal hand masher can easily over process the starch grains in the potato because you will over use it to get all the lumps out. The Masha’s patented rotor cone technology makes it impossible to over process your potatoes. The result is a perfectly mashed potato every time, even when you want to add more salt, butter or cream to them.

The Masha blends ingredients throughout the recipe evenly and effortlessly. When you use a hand masher, you will have to work hard to get the butter and milk incorporated throughout the recipe. It takes more time and effort and you will never get the same consistency as you will with The Masha.

I used to use a metal hand masher to make guacamole. I thought it was an awesome tool until I found The Masha. With a metal masher, I would have to regularly stop and knock the avocado back into the bowl, then I would have to use a spoon to get the spices to blend throughout the recipe. The problem was I could never get the spices blended even half as well as the Masha does.

The Masha is also incredibly versatile. It can be used for pancake batter, cookies, cake mixes, frosting, soups, eggs, baby food and the list goes on. A metal hand masher can’t do any of those items.

Since I got my Masha, I haven’t used my hand masher at all. I just can’t think of a reason why I should. The Masha has proven to be a necessary item for my kitchen. Make it a must have in your kitchen too.