Episode 60: Why you should listen —

From an early childhood of fleeing from bombs and bullets during world war II to developing the technology used to extract healthy flaxseed oil, Udo Erasmus, a health food legend shares the secrets to his success and health in this deep and insightful podcast.

Erasmus created one of the most successful empires in health and wellness as the founder of Udo’s Oils, the author of Fats that Kill Fats that Heal, and creator of Total Health programs.

It only took Dr. Meg a few minutes to realize she was talking with a fully awakened transformational powerhouse! From the roots of how we heal illness to what oils are killing us or healing us, Erasmus covers a ton of ground in a very short amount of time. Learn about his journey from working as a pesticide sprayer to becoming the world’s leading expert in Omega-3 to Omega-6 essential fatty acid ratios from plant-based oils for optimum health.

If you’re working towards getting well, this podcast contains a world-class holistic perspective that will help you transform every area of your life. To learn about his Total Sexy Health program check out his website udoerasmus.com/


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