Have you hit a wall with traditional psychotherapy?

You know there’s more but you’re not sure where to turn.

Are you looking for a therapist with a whole different approach to mental, emotional and spiritual health?

Maybe you’ve been looking for someone who deeply understands the emotional component of illness and how the body stores past abusive experiences?

If you want to stop the cycle of self-abuse, illness, and debilitating patterns, consider private sessions with mind-body medicine trailblazer Dr. Meg Haworth.

“Dr Meg has changed my life. I suffered a lot of trauma growing up that severely impacted my emotional and physical well-being. I had tried traditional therapy in the past, it did not get me where I really needed to be. After giving up for decades, she was the only one who really helped me find and release the trauma for good. This type of therapy is not about talking through trauma, it is about finding where it is lodged in your physical body and setting it free using the power of visualization. It has been transformative in ways I did not think were possible. Dr. Meg is also an incredibly kind, smart, and wise person who truly cares about you and your healing. She is a gift to work with.”

Stephanie Wade, Artist

Stephanie Wade Art and Design

Dr. Meg’s approach is gentle, loving, direct, deeply intuitive, and she gets to the heart of the matter quickly with laser precision. Sessions are done virtually via internet or phone anywhere in the world you are. Her sharply developed intuition comes from lifelong natural gifts that she expertly honed with extensive training and over two decades of practice.

“Working with Dr. Meg has been an incredible experience – she came into my life at precisely the right time. After spending far too many years living from a place of fear and moving from one illness to another (including cancer), Dr. Meg was just the catalyst I needed to help me make a huge mental, emotional and spiritual shift. She is a natural healer with an intuitive gift for helping others and has a kind way of making you feel safe as you work through and release any unhealthy patterns. Thank you, Dr. Meg for walking along side me on my healing journey – I feel more connected and enlightened because of you!”

Marietta Goldman

Creator of Radiant Healing Boxes and Affirmation Cards

In sessions, Dr. Meg uses her own Whole Person Integration Technique, a mind-body medicine modality that releases blocked, stuck, and damaging emotional patterns associated with illness and persistent symptoms.

Watch Dr. Meg’s Whole Person Integration Technique in action below:

Dr. Meg maintains that the body always remembers what you’re trying to forget.

Her technique helps clients to feel a freedom from physical, emotional, and mental pain and past painful events that get lodged in the body-mind.

“No wonder life has always felt like a struggle – I was carrying all this heavy baggage on my journey! You helped me embrace my Fear, giving it a voice, understanding its purpose, and it has created a lighter experience of Life, a new energy of what’s possible! Your Whole Person Integration Technique session truly shifted my perspective and continues to “lighten my burden”. Your presence and insight have brought me into a powerful awareness that what I want to fulfill in this life is possible NOW, in this moment because Fear is now my ally! Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift with me at a time when it was most needed, Dr. Meg. I truly was at a crossroads.”

Barbara Beach

Equine Therapist & Life Coach

If you are tired of hearing that your problems are all in your head and you know that going significantly deeper into your unconscious mind is what is necessary to truly heal but you don’t know how to do it or who to turn to, then schedule a free phone consultation with Dr. Meg.

Sessions are one hour long and are based on availability. Four session packages are available at a discounted rate.