From your head to your toes, there are many parts to care for.  Keeping your little piggies healthy is not something we think about too often.  Many of us seek out pedicures regularly but don’t think too much about their health value unless something goes wrong like a cut on the foot by way of the pedicurist or fungus that develops from unclean facilities.  These are things we don’t like to associate with such a pleasant, pampering experience but they do happen.

Recently, I had a pedicure I had not planned upon with a close friend.  It was at this little salon out in Glendora, California called Salon 66.  I was just going to hang out in the waiting area and look at magazines while he got a hair cut when I was asked if I wanted a pedicure.  So, I thought why not?
Esthetician and Nail Tech Donna La worked on my feet that day.  She was the first pedicurist who took time to talk with me about the state of my feet.  It was not focused on how she would up-sell me into ten different services.  She had a genuine care for my feet and my over all health.
Donna explained the horizontal ridges on my toes were typical of athletes.  I am not one of those but I do like to hike.  She said they likely formed as a result of my toenails being too long coupled with walking in a down hill motion.  She also noticed that I have fungus in my toe nails and recommended that I not wear toenail polish for a couple of months while I treat them.
I have known for many years that there is a natural cure that’s better than the commercial ones available for foot fungus.  The Black Walnut tree is the place to go for a couple of different remedies.  
The leaves of the Black Walnut Tree can be cut and placed in a small tub used for bathing your feet.  A dish pan is a good choice for this.  Place several big handfuls of the leaves in the pan and pour hot water from the kettle over them.  Let the leaves steep until the water cools down enough for you to put your feet in.  You can choose to remove the leaves or not as you soak your feet.  I leave them in just in case more of their healing properties can be extracted by the heat.  One treatment may be all you need but I recommend soaking them for at least a few days in a row – perhaps more if need be.
If you do not have access to a Black Walnut tree, you can still get Black Walnut Hull tincture at a health food store in the supplement section.  If you go this route, you can apply several drops per toe and just let it dry.  Just know that the tincture will stain clothing and carpets so put something under your feet that you do not mind staining.  Do this daily until the fungus disappears.    
Black Walnut Hull tincture is also used for treating parasites.  It can be harmful if too much is ingested so seek medical help from a certified naturopath who knows how to use it properly.  It’s properties are anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral.  Perfect for ridding ourselves of the fungus among us.   
Living a delicious and healthy life includes caring for all of your precious parts.  Remember that your toes are connected to the rest of you.  They can affect your health so take good care of them.
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