Episode 53: Why you should listen —

Did you know that your oral health can determine your overall health? Your diet and the products you use on your teeth can make you sick or make you well. Registered Nurse, natural dental care expert, and owner of Primal Life Organics, Trina Felber shares her vast knowledge on how to prevent & reverse cavities (you read that right), how traditional dental methods can destroy your health, and how to whiten your teeth naturally. Learn how fluoride actually destroys your teeth.

Discover how commercial mouthwash & toothpaste can cause long term systemic damage. Most importantly, learn how easy it is to prevent and reverse disease beginning with the first stage of the digestive tract – your mouth! This podcast is packed with health saving advice that could prevent or reverse your chronic illness. It is a must listen for everyone with a mouth and especially for those with chronic illness. To learn more about Trina Felber’s work and to get the discount mentioned on this podcast, go to this link: www.primallifeorganics.com/


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