Adult Children of Narcissists, called ACON’s by Dr. Meg Haworth, have been conned into believing the worst things about themselves by their own emotionally immature and abusive parents.

As an ACON, you will have deep wounds that affect every area of your life from your work to your relationships. These wounds create painful experiences that can result in overwhelming anxiety, fear, loneliness, shame, and physical illness.

Being a survivor of narcissistic abuse means that no one really understands the depth of the damage unless they’ve been there too.

Most people stare at you, mouth agape, as they listen to your unbelievable stories of abuse. And when they don’t believe you, it makes you feel WORSE because the lies, the gaslighting, and the twisted manipulations were all so confusing that feeling unsupported as an adult can knock you down a spiral of loneliness, shame, guilt, and pain.

So, you learn to keep it to yourself, living in a prison of silence imposed upon you by your own parent.  The very person who was supposed to love you and protect you. If you are a wounded ACON, you may isolate yourself, gaslight yourself, have zero self-esteem, be afraid to trust yourself (or anyone else), have major identity issues, and you may be sick with all kinds of chronic health problems.

You will have five primary wounds that cut deep into the most important areas of your life:

1. Self-worth

2. Self-identity

3. Self-expression

4. Self-trust

5. Your physical body

Wounded ACON’s suffer from these core wounds that if left unchecked can potentially destroy your life.


You can move from a chronically wounded ACON to intentionally healing ICON.

What’s an ICON?




Naturally YOU

Your healing journey begins here. 

In this ground-breaking online course, Healing the Five Primary Wounds of Parental Narcissistic Abuse, we delve deep into these five primary wounds inflicted by narcissistic parents and guide you along a pathway to reclaiming your life.

This is not just a course, it is a holistic healing experience that is designed to empower you to emerge as an ICON – Independent, Confident, Original and Naturally YOU!

This self-study course includes:

Visualization exercises you can use over and over again as needed.

Journal prompts to assist you in going deeper into your healing process.

Exercises to help you learn, grow, heal, and become the ICON of your own life.

A private community just for you and other course takers.


Dr. Meg’s personal approach and experience with multiple relationships with narcissists. As your guide, I bring decades of expertise and deep personal understanding to this healing journey, and what it takes to become an ICON in your own life. As a professional who has worked with many victims of narcissistic family systems, my approach combines psychological insights with practical tools, energy exercises, holistic wellness, and deep self-love, ensuring a deep personal transformation.

Supportive Community: Join a private community of like-minded individuals, who understand your struggles and triumphs. Share experiences, gain insights, and build connections that last a lifetime.
Step by step guidance:  This course is structured to provide a step-by-step roadmap to healing. Each module builds upon the last, creating a solid foundation for your personal transformation. It is designed to be used over and over again as needed.

Become an ICON – Your time is now!

Don’t let the wounds of the past define your future. It is time to reclaim your power and become the icon you were meant to be – Independent, Confident, Original, and Naturally you!

Join me on this transformative journey toward healing. Enroll in healing The Five Primary Wounds of Parental Narcissistic Abuse today and embark on the path to a life of empowerment, authenticity, resilience, and your personal self-expression.

Are you ready to become an ICON?

I offer two affordable ways to pay for the course. Choose the payment plan that fits your budget.



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