I was at Rainbow Acres in Marina Del Rey with a dear friend today. She suggested I try Nana’s Gluten Free Cookies. Her cookies are also fruit sweetened, egg and dairy free. Being a chocolate fiend, I chose the “Chocolate Crunch Cookie”. Here is what I thought.

I like the big, individually wrapped cookie concept with the bright yellow and purple wrapper. The “O” in “NO” has a line through it with a drawing of a shaft of wheat. I thought, “clever”. When I bit into the soft cookie, I immediately noticed the grainy texture of the flour. That’s a big deal to me after nearly two decades of trying gluten free baked goods. It doesn’t have to be grainy.

The flavor was nice. I really liked the crunch of the chocolaty rice and the richer flavor contained in that puffy rice crunch. It was like they added cocoa puffs to the recipe – without the nasty sugar content.

Over all, I enjoyed this cookie. It was satisfying and great to eat after a simple lunch of tuna salad and a veggie juice. I liked that I only had to buy one big cookie. It’s nice not to have to commit to an entire box of them (for a number of reasons.)

As always, I recommend limited sweets, even ones that are fruit sweetened and especially gluten free ones with the high sugar content of rice flour, tapioca and potato starches. I would never say never to sugar unless you know it will do serious damage to you. Once in a while, go for it. Enjoy a delicious treat and as for Nana’s, I recommend it as a healthier alternative to a lot of the products out there that are aiming mainly for taste and not nutrition. This brand cares. That’s my impression.

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