You’ve had a sixth sense all your life.

You know who is on the phone when you hear it ring. You have had dreams that came true. You’ve had premonitions that came to pass just as you saw them. You’ve seen spirits or felt a presence. You’ve heard things that no one else has heard.

Maybe you’re afraid to tell someone. You assume they’ll think you’re insane.

Maybe it’s just your intuition.

Perhaps none of those things have happened for you but you’re curious about your own inner guidance system and have wanted to learn more about it.

What is intuition? Where does it come from? Can you learn to develop it?

Intuition is a skill.

We all have intuitive abilities. Some people are more naturally inclined towards having sixth sense level experiences.

And for some of us intuition is so “normal” that we don’t even know how great we are at it – like a hidden gift that’s just waiting to be discovered.

The fact is that we all have an internal guidance system along with the ability to use it. Some people have a more developed natural ability than others.

It’s like having a natural inclination towards music. Perhaps you could sit at a piano and pick out tunes, figure out chords or make things up with a natural ear for music. If you wanted to become a virtuoso, you would learn everything you could about music theory, and you would study with the best.

Intuition is like this too. You can learn to hone the craft with a studied and practiced teacher. Dr. Meg Haworth is such a teacher of the inner senses and she loves to teach her students how to develop their intuitive gifts too.

As a child, Dr. Meg was so highly intuitive that it routinely scared her. She had premonitions, dreams that came true exactly as they happened, saw ghosts, heard people talking that no one else did, and had this mystical inner life she only shared with her very best friend.

She attributed her abilities to a Near Death Experience (NDE) when she drowned at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina at the age of two. She was found dead in the water and revived by a lifeguard.

As she grew into her twenties, she tried so hard to push her gifts away. She wanted to be normal and not see so much. She would only tell very close trusted friends about her abilities and came to see them as a liability and not an asset.

At the height of all her illnesses between the ages of 26-30, her abilities were out of control. She had to do something so she began to learn everything she could about them. She went to study with the best she could find to hone her gifts. It was during this timeframe that she also learned of her healing abilities when she healed her 17-year-old cat from kidney failure with her hands.

When you sign up to learn how to hone your intuition with Dr. Meg, you’re getting to work with a skilled Master Intuitive who will teach you to:

  • Learn the different types of intuition and where they come from.
  • Discern between types of intuitive experiences and how to use them.
  • How not to get drained when using your intuition to help someone else.
  • Read people in a non-invasive way that uplifts and expands both of you.
  • How to sense and see energy fields.
  • Use different types of systems to access and hone your intuition.
  • Learn what your natural intuitive gifts are and how to access and develop them.
  • Dream interpretation and how to intentionally use dreams to help you.

Intuition is the single most important skill you can develop.

It can be your greatest asset to help you make better choices, gain clarity, to know what to do to help you and your loved ones and to help you get well.

The longest trip that you can take is from your head to your heart. Intuition is the superhighway that will take you there with lightning speed.

Whether you are an advanced naturally gifted intuitive who has been winging it without any training or you’re new to the idea that you can develop this skill, this eight-week group coaching program is for you.

If you prefer to do this program with Dr. Meg one on one, that’s available too.

To qualify for the program, send Dr. Meg an email by clicking the button below to get the details about the next class.