Coaches, therapists,healers and conscious health practitioners…

Are you experiencing empathy burnout regularly?
Do you feel tired and emotionally drained after client sessions?
Have you been doubting or feeling blocked from accessing your intuition?

Your healing gifts are vitally important in these challenging times—and so is your well-being!

As you may be aware, our planet is in the midst of a huge paradigm shift, with humanity’s collective consciousness evolving into a sacred, powerful, and different way of being.

Coaches, therapists, healers, entrepreneurs, and other practitioners who focus on transformational work with the human soul and psyche are on the vanguard of this movement, as they have a critical role to play in guiding individuals to their highest expression.

Women in particular—who naturally embody the divine feminine qualities of loving, connection, caring, nurturing, empathy, and heart-centered wisdom—are being called forward as the change-makers and leaders of this compassionate new reality.

While traditionally masculine values and structures continue to break down, empathy-based approaches are gaining traction and deeper respect in communities around the globe.

With great responsibility resting on your shoulders, you—the women and healers leading this evolution—need to support your vitality and well-being in order to remain energetically clear and healthy throughout the transition process and beyond.

Based on cutting-edge mind/body medicine, the Evolving Intuition: Building Self-Trust for Life Program was specially designed by myself, Dr. Meg Haworth, to help you strengthen your own holistic systems and intuitive abilities, so you can be of even greater service to clients now and in the new paradigm to come.

At first, I wasn’t sure if I was the ideal candidate for Dr. Meg’s intuition course, but it was overwhelmingly positive and I learned so much about both myself and others. As an artist, I use my intuition as part of my creative process and this class has cemented my trust in my abilities. I feel more centered and more trusting of what I can reach into when I’m painting. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to advance themselves and feel better. I came away feeling lighter and freer.”SUSAN L., Artist

Understanding the link between
empathy and intuition

Because you chose to be a coach, therapist, healer, or entrepreneur chances are that you see yourself as an exceptionally empathic or highly sensitive person. Do you also feel that you’re intuitive? Many professionals in these fields say they feel blocked or don’t trust what they hear when it comes to their intuition. However, even though you may not be fully tuned into your intuitive sense, it tends to go hand in hand with empathy—and it is a valuable tool that can be developed over time, with intention, focus, and training.

In fact, I consider intuition to be the single most important skill you can learn!

What blocks us from our intuition?

The truth is that every human on the planet has the capacity to be intuitive, but most remain completely unaware. One reason is that our society as a whole doesn’t acknowledge the existence of anything outside of the five physical senses, so many people simply don’t believe in intuition or psychic abilities. It also gets routinely dismissed as “women’s intuition,” not worthy of further exploration.

On the other hand, perhaps you might have been in touch with your natural intuition in childhood, but those around you reacted negatively, so you learned to keep those perceptive observations to yourself. That is exactly what happened to me.

As a young girl, following a near-death drowning experience, I often had premonitions and dreams that came true exactly I saw them; I even saw ghosts and heard people talking that no one else did. After continually being disregarded or ridiculed, I kept my mystical inner life to myself, and eventually shut down my gifts in order to be accepted as “normal.” It wasn’t until my late 20s, when I became very ill and my abilities went haywire, that I began to study, control, and use my intuitive healing gifts as the asset they were.

Eventually, I came to see myself as a practical intuitive who not only had to learn to use my crazy abilities from that childhood NDE, but also to integrate that with my logical, analytical, yet exceptionally creative mind.

The Evolving Intuition Program can help you rise above burnout, create deep self-trust, and elevate your intuitive capacities!

Today, after years of study in the holistic and transpersonal psychology fields, my calling is to be a teacher and healer, combining intuition and science with the mind/body connection to support others in accessing their own intuitive gifts; in particular, those in the caring fields. DR. MEG HAWORTH

That’s why I developed the Evolving Intuition: Building Self-Trust for Life Program and am making this available specifically to therapists, coaches, and healing practitioners.

This online course and supportive community will help you access and develop the most important asset you have—your own inner wisdom—through practical, yet powerful techniques. You will gain deep self-trust, inner clarity, self-confidence, and a strong connection to your internal guidance system. As a coach, therapist, or healer, you are most powerful when you access and develop this guiding force.

Come home to where you belong, by elevating your own intuitive capacities, rising above burnout, and healing the holistic system in yourself and in those you serve.

In this program, you will directly experience and practice how to:

Access and develop your natural intuitive gifts.
Explore the different types of intuition and where they come from.
Discern between and use various intuitive experiences.
Discover the powerful intuitive grounding rod that the body is.
Avoid getting drained when using your intuition to help clients.
Read people in a non-invasive way that uplifts and expands both of you.
Sense and see others’ energy fields and clear your own.
Use different systems to access and hone your intuition.
Interpret dreams and intentionally use dreams to help you.
I am fully committed to bringing the most evolved and elevated healing modalities to the Evolving Intuition community, based upon advanced, cutting-edge research in the holistic and psychoneuroimmunology fields.

Expand Your Practice and
Amplify Your Clients’ Progress

Sensitive people are often drawn to the healing professions because of their own unhealed wounds and emotional pain, which can make it difficult to remain energetically clear. The deep empathy we often feel with our clients when they are recounting deep emotional pain or memories of abuse can trigger our own unresolved issues, which leads to feeling drained after sessions and may eventually result in serious burnout.

However, the more you tune into and hone your intuition, the more you can master your empathy naturally, so it no longer impacts your energy.

Many elements of the Evolving Intuition Program are designed to help you refine your intuition and empathy by rerouting neural pathways to create a completely new wiring.

In addition, you will learn the Whole Person Integration Technique, a valuable tool that can quickly and effectively remove energetic blocks and stuck emotional/behavioral patterns from your clients and yourself. Keeping yourself clear allows you to better support the people you work with in their healing process. 

Imagine trusting yourself completely and ending your sessions feeling energized, not drained!

That is exactly the way it should be when you’re following your soul’s purpose to help others heal. And you can experience this regularly, by strengthening your intuition and keeping yourself energetically clear with the skills and approaches imparted in the Evolving Intuition course.

The Evolving Intuition Program includes:

Pre-recorded, self-paced online course, with lifetime access and all updates.
Private Facebook group — for mentorship, networking, additional learning, interactive discussions with other healers/coaches/therapists, and special events.
Weekly live group coaching with Dr. Meg Haworth for up to 4 hours depending on needs.
Intuition and the body – Discover the fundamentals of the human holistic energy system and its connection to your higher intuitive nature.
Dream analysis – Study the different types of dreams and find out how to harness their power in service to your intuition.
Removing energetic blocks – Emotional clearing techniques for removing energetic blocks from your body and holistic system.
Core Belief Release process – Let go of subconscious limiting beliefs and learn to facilitate this process with your clients.
Food and intuition – Explore the relationship between what we eat and our intuitive abilities. Bonus gifts: Nutritious recipes and an entire plan for delicious, healthy eating, developed by Dr. Meg, who spent 14 years as a private chef to Hollywood celebrities, creating organic healing diets for specific conditions, weight loss and health.
Certification in the Whole Person Integration Technique, available upon completion of that course module.

Whole Person Integration Technique Certification

Enrollment in the Evolving Intuition program qualifies you to become a certified practitioner of Whole Person Integration Technique, a powerful, proven mind/body process.

I personally developed this emotional release therapy after many years of experiencing empathy burnout in my own practice, to keep myself balanced, as well as to assist my clients.

It provides a quick, simple way to zero in on underlying limiting thoughts, feelings, and beliefs while bypassing the cognitive mind, to fully release the associated, unconscious emotional and behavioral patterns that tend to keep us stuck in an endless-seeming loop.

When Dr. Meg said she could help me with the emotional root cause of my sciatica, I was very skeptical. Because the pain was so intense, I decided to have a session with her — I didn’t have anything to lose! To my great surprise, the excruciating pain disappeared quickly over the next few days, and I have not had any trouble with it since!!! Dr. Meg does truly amazing work! She is able to help release the root cause of so many physical and emotional issues with her Whole Person Integration Technique. Dr. Meg is an intuitive healer on the highest level!!!” PAMELA Y., Retired RN
Using Whole Person Integration Technique with your clients will expand your ability to support their healing process from a whole person perspective. At the same time, using it on yourself will not only allow you to remain clear, but to create a stronger connection with your intuition, that in turn, enhances your healing and therapeutic effectiveness.

Being certified in this modality can also provide you with another way to market your services and appeal to a wider selection of clients who resonate with the target outcomes you are offering.

I highly recommend Dr. Meg and her Whole Person Integration Technique. After many years of abuse and trauma, I needed assistance to help me heal because I wasn’t able to do it myself. Before working with Dr. Meg, I felt like I would always struggle with the pain. But after just one session, I felt relief. It was like a weight was lifted off me. This wasn’t a temporary fix either. It has been years and I’m still telling everyone about how I was able to positively move forward.”RITA SUZANNE, Business Strategist

Evolving Intuition Program Modules:


MODULE 1: Foundations for Intuition

  • Learn about the different types of intuition.
  • Explore your intuitive strengths and how to begin accessing your intuition.
  • Discover intuition’s connection to your body.
  • Receive an exercise to help you evolve and connect to intuitive insight, while accessing higher frequencies to minimize taking on the emotions of others.

MODULE 2: Intuition and the Body

  • Learn how intuitive insight is connected to the body through exploring the holistic system.
  • Discover the fundamentals of the human energy system and its connection to your life, your childhood, your personal power, and your higher intuitive nature.
  • Share exercises with other students to enhance and discover deeper connections to intuitive insight for your personal growth.

MODULE 3: Intuitive Development Methods

  • Experience various types of access to intuitive expansion through exercises done with other group members.
  • Learn and practice multiple ways to access and expand intuition.
  • Become an empathic ninja with tools to help you stop taking on other peoples’ energy.

MODULE 4: Dream Analysis and Intuition

  • Discuss the power of dreams to assist in intuitive development.
  • Learn about the different types of dreams and what they may mean for your life and development.
  • Share dreams as a pathway to higher consciousness and practical learning.

MODULE 5: Intuition and Emotional Clearing for Removing Energetic Blocks

  • Learn to discern the difference between intuition and disturbance from distressing emotional experiences.
  • Introduction to Whole Person Integration Technique for removing blocks to clarity.
  • Explore various modalities that can assist you in clearing blocks to clarity and self-trust.

MODULE 6: Learn Whole Person Integration Technique for Clearing Energetic Blocks

  • Foundations for releasing emotions, thoughts, feelings, and beliefs held in your energy system that may be keeping you stuck.
  • Learn how the inner child influences current circumstances on an unconscious level and how to help release her/his effects through the technique.
  • Access stories, archetypes, and symbolism to clear emotional debris from your energy field for increased intuitive clarity and insight.

MODULE 7: Practicing Whole Person Integration Technique

  • Learn the four core thoughts all humans struggle with and how to clear them.
  • Practice the technique and share experiences.

MODULE 8: Food and Intuition with Initiation and Integration

  • Discover how food is associated with intuition.
  • Explore ways to access your body’s innate wisdom through nutritious eating.
  • Learn the basics for a diet that will support your growth and healing.
  • To mark the completion of the course, you will receive a special initiation.

Business Growth Through Community Connections

In addition to the course, the Evolving Intuition community of healers, coaches, and therapists provides you with mentoring and continuing support from women who are change-making leaders. Community members share experiences and wisdom while encouraging each other to continue evolving, networking, sharing ideas, and growing their practices.

After attending and completing this course, I literally woke up the next day with a whole new sense of purpose. I now understand how intuition works, heals and is here to help. I feel a tangible shift within myself and I am incredibly excited to see how things unfold for me after completing this course. You will leave this course with new skills, new friends and a new sense of self. It’s the best investment I’ve ever made in myself.”CHI S.

Is the Evolving Intuition Program
right for you?

I want to ensure that all participants are prepared for this level of investment (professionally, emotionally, financially, and commitment levels) and would be a strong fit with the Evolving Intuition community. So let’s talk first!

Schedule your free 30-minute consultation with Dr. Meg to discuss how this course can support your therapy, coaching, or healing practice.

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