Inner Child Therapy

“A sacred gift to yourself, for yourself, for the rest of your life.” -Dr. Meg Haworth

You’ve struggled your whole life with a history of abuse and family dysfunction.

People say you’re too sensitive and over emotional or unfeeling and cold OR you may vacillate between the two.

You were deeply wounded as a child and you know that part of you needs help as soon as possible.

You have been looking for something that goes beyond traditional inner child therapy programs that make the adult in charge of healing the child.

This is too much for your adult self – she’s wounded too.

Or perhaps you’ve done a ton of work on yourself and you know your child self holds the keys to your next level of development. Whatever your case may be, you just know this is your next step.

We live in a culture that tells us to push our emotions down.

Our adult selves tell our inner children to sit in the corner and play with their crayons – just leave me alone. Your emotions are too much!

Running away from your emotions does not make them go away. It only makes matters worse. They will come out in explosive anger towards others or self-destructive behaviors towards yourself that can lead to illness. Either way, your emotions need to be expressed.

Are you ready to allow your emotions to be expressed in a loving way?

It’s time you heal your history, your health, and your emotional state.

Inner Child Therapy is a detailed process that works with your inner child to uncover patterns that exist within the unconscious mind.

These patterns unveil the power of limiting beliefs that you have held throughout your lifetime.

Many of us repress the energy of the child because she represents our emotional nature.

Emotions are often too painful to experience and are typically pushed down by the reasonable, rational adult mind. Because of this, we also look at the patterns that are formed in adulthood to recognize and release them too.

After releasing the inner child and the adult, we integrate the two through your powerful healing Spirit.

Integration allows the emotional and mental aspects of the self to work in harmony rather than in the separate ways in which many of us operate.

How is it done?

Inner Child Release Therapy is done over the course of four sessions that will take from 12-15 hours of intensive inner work. After the four sessions there will be 21 days of follow-up directly with Dr. Meg.

This one-on-one therapy is done via Zoom video chat.

Session 1 – Inner child rescue and pattern recognition.
Session 2 – Growing the creative, loving and joyful aspects of the child.
Session 3 – Adult rescue and pattern recognition.
Session 4 – Inner Child, Adult and Spiritual Integration.
The sessions are done with the client in a relaxed state of mind that will allow them to access, through visualization, the patterns that are holding them back.

With eyes closed, the client will be able to see just how they have locked these patterns away and how they have affected the physical body.

After seeing the visualization, Dr. Meg will work more intensively with the client to discover the hidden meaning behind what is uncovered using art as a tool for transformation. She will then make recommendations specific to your needs.


As adults, many of us repress our emotional nature (child self) with our mental nature (adult self). We effectively tell the child to leave us alone. We see our emotions as flighty and uncontrollable.

In this repression, we are also inhibiting the loving, creative and playful nature of the child.

As we do this, we become more and more separate from ourselves, creating a schism between the emotional and mental fields. This divide can create discord within and around us.

This therapy allows each recipient to express the creative aspects of the child with the wisdom of the adult through the healing power of the Spirit.

When we combine these beautiful aspects of ourselves and express through our hearts, we uncover our limitless potential.

Our world needs a healed YOU. Your power has been given over to your past betrayals’ way too long.

When you call your power back, you get to be who you were meant to be.

To qualify for this one of a kind therapy with Dr. Meg, you must set up a FREE consultation. Her calendar is filling up fast. Schedule yours today.