Why you should listen — Get some life-saving tips from a seasoned Transformational mind-body expert, Dr. Meg Haworth, as she shares her life experience and expertise in this very exciting episode.

Here’s what Alina Fridman of Ladies Take the Lead had to say about it.

THIS EPISODE MAY SAVE YOUR LIFE.  I mean it.  This episode is a little different as Alina addresses some of her own health history in a very personal way.  You can’t be a successful Boss Lady if you don’t keep an eye on your health.

Dr. Meg Haworth knows firsthand what it’s like to lose her health. She is a survivor of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse as a child, she has healed over a dozen illnesses of her own including fibromyalgia & IBS and has survived not only one, but two traumas; drowning  when she was little and being struck by lightning, yes, struck by lightning.

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