Remember a time when you felt great?

You could work long hours, exercise, and balance your personal life with energy to spare. Then things changed and you became ill. You don’t know where that healthy you is anymore. You want your life back but you’re not certain how to get there.

It’s PAINFUL. It’s FRUSTRATING. It’s TEARING YOU APART. What would you do if you knew you could have your health back?

Because the truth is, you have a choice to be well again. A choice to have the life you have dreamed of having. This is your time for vibrant health. It’s time for you to GET WELL NOW.

Are you FRUSTRATED with being sick?
Are you TIRED OF TRYING to figure out what will make you well?
Do you hear a lot of CONFLICTING INFORMATION about what to do to make you feel better?
Do you ever wonder who you can trust or WHAT TO BELIEVE?

I’m Dr. Meg Haworth, mind-body medicine expert, Celebrity Chef and best-selling author and creator of GET WELL NOW. I know just how you feel because I have been there too. With over twenty years of experience in holistic healing, a doctorate in transpersonal psychology, healing over a dozen of my own illnesses and traumas, and working as private nutritional chef to celebrities – I GET IT.


This is what you’ve been calling out for. It is exactly the kind of help you need. You are READY. You are WILLING. You’ve made a decision to FEEL BETTER FAST and you want to work with someone with a ton of experience who has been there too.

GET WELL NOW is an eight-week intensive group coaching program for highly motivated people who don’t feel well, know they need to eat better to get well and to stay well and want to release the secrets the body keeps because you know your past is holding you back.

If you’re highly motivated, strong, intelligent, open hearted and bursting at the seams to get well, then this program is for you. The program includes a food plan, an environmental detoxification plan, and proven mind-body medicine methods on using the most powerful tool you have available to get well – your brilliant mind and beautiful heart.
“Working with Dr. Meg has been an incredible experience – she has come into my life at precisely the right time. After spending far too many years living from a place of fear and moving from one illness to another (including cancer), Dr. Meg was just the catalyst I needed to help me make a huge mental, emotional and spiritual shift. She is a natural healer with an intuitive gift for helping others and has a kind way of making you feel safe as you work through and release any unhealthy patterns. Thank you, Dr. Meg for walking along side me on my healing journey – I feel more connected and enlightened because of you!” Marietta Goldman

Creator of Radiant Healing Boxes and Affirmation Cards, Marietta Goldman

Week 1Food Inventory
Being sick, tired, over or under weight, is a difficult wakeup call for anyone. In our first session, we will look at the hidden ingredients in our food supply that may be keeping you fat and sick and begin to tailor a food plan to start getting you back on track.

Week 2Your Food Plan
You don’t know what to eat to help you change your health for the better. In this session you will receive one on one instruction from Dr. Meg with the group. You will leave with a healthier plan for eating.

Week 3Environmental Assessment
Did you know that there are numerous things in your environment that can be contributing to your illness or persistent symptoms? In this session, we identify what they are and come up with a plan for change while offering you lots of choices and resources to support your physical health.

Week 4Whole Person Integration Technique
This is a groundbreaking tool for harnessing the power of the mind and heart to let go of the mental and emotional blocks that are standing in the way of your health. This technique, created by Dr. Meg Haworth, will also be given to you to use on your own behalf going forward. It’s true and lasting results will bring you years of insights, peace and healing.

Week 5Whole Person Integration In-Depth
To get the most out of this technique, there are fundamentals about the science of min-body medicine to learn. In this session, you will learn what they are and how to apply them.

Week 6Your Keys to Wellness
In this session you will learn and experience the keys to getting well and how to use this hidden power to help yourself and others. This session offers the most in-depth healing secrets available.

Week 7More Than Mindset
In this session, you will experience specific tools to use as a foundation for your healthy new life ahead.

Week 8Putting it All Together
You now have a healthy foundation for your life. You will design a plan for your forward movement feeling happy, healthy and confident in creating a new life filled with the tools that will help you maintain your newfound health.

This coaching program is offered twice a year. To learn when the next one is being offered, join my newsletter at this link.