Day four of this juice fast and I am feeling great! I felt a little sleepy this morning but that was the only complaint of the day. Now, its about 10:00pm and I have tons of energy. I’m surprised, quite pleasantly. Also, I just feel super happy. I mean if I’m going to have a mood swing, let it be on the happy end of things. So, to honor my happy mood, I give you my favorite juice recipe of the week. When I make up a juice, I don’t think it through. Instead, I just intuit the juice and write it down so I don’t forget it just in case its worth sharing. So far, all of them are worth it! This one tastes sweet and a little tangy and is so refreshing. So far, it is my favorite. So, here goes. 1 handful of cilantro 5 broccoli florets 3 kale leaves 2 celery stalks 1 gala apple 2 handsful of spinach 1 wedge of lemon 6 carrots Put all those yummy things in the juicer and drink up! Stay tuned for the next blog … I know I can’t wait to see how I do tomorrow.