We typically assume that dark circles and their ensuing bags represent a lack of sleep or maybe too much sodium or ageing. Some will say that it’s hereditary. What if it’s something else you never thought of?

Dark circles under the eyes can be an allergic reaction to a food substance you are consuming on a regular basis. They can be accompanied by sinus problems and headaches as well.

My mother, two of my sisters and I all have this allergic reaction to different substances. Mom and I get this from gluten, the protein found in wheat barley and rye. One sister gets her dark circles from dairy products and the other from sulfa.

For me, it lets me know the next morning that I had gluten in something. I just look in the mirror then retrace my eating from the day before. Ooops! I had soy sauce in that salad dressing at that restaurant last night. When I make my own food, I don’t get them.

Review whether your dark circles may come from an allergy rather than a lack of sleep. If you want to easily and painlessly eliminate gluten and dairy products for a couple of weeks, check out my book. It has two weeks of menus with tips, product picks and a grocery list to get you started.

Bye-bye dark circles!