A former chef to the stars told how being struck by lightning whilst walking on an idyllic beach instantly gave her an extra sensory perception and propelled her into a new career as a wellness coach.

Dr. Meg Haworth, 54, was chatting to her friend as they sat on damp sand near the lapping sea on Venice Beach near her home in Los Angeles, USA when the weather changed dramatically, and a lightning bolt slammed into the surf less than 20 feet away.

“It looked like a plate of white light hit the top of my friend’s head and then there were all these jagged bolts around us. It was like being in a static electricity globe,” she said.

She added: “It felt like being hit over the head with a heavy metal object and every muscle in my body seized up from the electricity.”

Sadly, a young man swimming nearby did not survive the strike, but although shocked to the core, Meg and her friend were able to stand and walk to shelter, where paramedics examined them and sent them to hospital for further tests.

Released after six hours, during which they were observed, although divorcee Meg has since experienced various health complications from the ordeal, the most profound change was in her perception. Continue reading at WalesOnline.


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