Summer is coming! It’s my favorite time of year. I love the sun and pools and summer fruits and vegetables. It’s time for lemonade, basil pesto, salads, watermelon and all things cool. When it comes to dessert, a refreshing cool lemon pastry will do the trick. These lovely lemon bars are sweet, tart and the… Read More

My parents are both from the South. Food is everything there. At breakfast, they talk about lunch (a.k.a. supper) and at lunch they talk about dinner. It has always been this way. In the South, if there’s one thing you cannot forget, its dessert. Cobbler is the quintessential Southern dessert. All summer long, you have… Read More

Pakoras are a traditional East Indian appetizer that are naturally gluten and dairy free. They use gram or besan flour, made from chickpeas in combination with rice flour. You can get big bags of bean flour at East Indian markets – and they will be inexpensive too. It’s also a great place to get the… Read More

What’s a birthday brunch without waffles?  Well, I wouldn’t want to find out so I went ahead and made them.  I have to say that the Masha makes batters of all kinds perfectly smooth and effortlessly blended.  My girlfriends and I had such a blast making these waffles and an even better time savoring them. … Read More

Mimosas and gluten and dairy free banana spice bread were the first things we consumed for the birthday brunch for two of my girlfriends.  We sat in the kitchen at my hand carved Mexican cantina table where we sliced the bread, spread Earth Balance butter on it and gobbled it down, all the while trying… Read More