In my last blog, I prepared fresh Barrimundi, an Australian white fish while I was in Cairns in North Queensland last month. I served this delicious fish over a fresh Mediterranean Fennel Salad. The flavors of the lemon, kalamata olives and the crunchy licorice of the fresh fennel really set off the flavor of the… Read More

A lack of energy is a problem I hear described by many of the people that I work with. My clients that have the most energy to spare are super health conscious – some are raw foodists. While not everyone can afford the time and money involved in a raw diet, there is an easy… Read More

I was in the kitchen at Whole Foods Market in West Hollywood, California preparing to teach a class when an angel floated in. She bestowed two huge bags full of her culinary gifts for me to sample, gave me a heartfelt hug and left. I was excited. I love food and presents and she had… Read More