Episode 49: Why you should listen — Join world-renowned chiropractic neurologist, Dr. Titus Chiu as he shares the very personal story of his own brush with death and ensuing traumatic brain injury that led him to create his own brain healing program for post-concussion syndrome. Symptoms that you have today could be brought about by… Read More

Episode 48: Why you should listen — Join the owner and founder of The Biofield Healing Institute, Energy Healer and Pain Release Specialist, Debora Wayne for a discussion about the science behind energy medicine and what steps are necessary to transcend your pain mentally, emotionally, and energetically. This profound podcast offers a free Biofield Immersion… Read More

From Betrayal To Breakthrough

Episode 47: Why you should listen — Founder of the Post Betrayal Institute, Dr. Debi Silber has created a system to help women overcome the shock of being blindsided by the person we trust the most. Learn about the study she conducted and the five stages from betrayal to break through that you can apply… Read More

Bringing Sanity Back To Eating

bringing sanity back to eating

Episode 46: Why you should listen — Join this lively discussion about bringing sanity back to our food choices. In a world where no one seems to know what to eat anymore, Dr. David Friedman has taken painstaking effort to figure that out for us. In his bestselling book, Food Sanity; How to Eat in… Read More

Episode 45: Why you should listen — Executive Producer and creator of the TNT show Will, about young William Shakespeare, Louise Rosager discusses the healing power of Shakespeare’s works. She offers listeners advice on how to use the works of this master of psychology for your own healing. Louise also shares her passion project, Warriors… Read More