As a child, brussels sprouts seriously made me gag. I remember being forced to eat “at least two bites” and hearing how “good they are for you”. Y-u-c-k! I did not care if they were the antedote to snake venom. They were gross.Turns out that I was fed frozen Brussels sprouts. They are nasty bitter… Read More

I was in the kitchen at Whole Foods Market in West Hollywood, California preparing to teach a class when an angel floated in. She bestowed two huge bags full of her culinary gifts for me to sample, gave me a heartfelt hug and left. I was excited. I love food and presents and she had… Read More

In an earlier blog, I gave you a recipe for raw, spicy kale salad. What I did not tell you is that you can make a simple delicious snack out this raw salad – kale chips!Once you have made the salad, all you have to do is spread the raw, marinated kale on cookie sheets… Read More

On yet another cold and rainy night in what is supposed to be sunny Los Angeles, I received a call from my BFF, celebrity hair stylist, Billy Lowe with a simple request. “Meg! I want soup tonight! Can you come over and make it here?” Knowing my dear bachelor friend, I began to ask questions… Read More

I was at Rainbow Acres in Marina Del Rey with a dear friend today. She suggested I try Nana’s Gluten Free Cookies. Her cookies are also fruit sweetened, egg and dairy free. Being a chocolate fiend, I chose the “Chocolate Crunch Cookie”. Here is what I thought.I like the big, individually wrapped cookie concept with… Read More