Holistic wellness solutions for hair and scalp I admit I am pretty clueless when it comes to hair. As girls, we learn a lot from our mothers but the only beauty regimen my scientist mom had was wrestling with fine, thin hair and daily applications of fire engine red lipstick. Other than that, she didn’t… Read more

From your head to your toes, there are many parts to care for.  Keeping your little piggies healthy is not something we think about too often.  Many of us seek out pedicures regularly but don’t think too much about their health value unless something goes wrong like a cut on the foot by way of… Read more

I used to loathe oatmeal. The texture, the flavor, the blandness of it all. I could eat Cream of Wheat until I was stuffed silly though.Being gluten free means, of course, that I cannot have Cream of Wheat but, I can have oatmeal since it is technically gluten free. The thing is, though, oatmeal is… Read more

I keep hearing from people that coconut milk is bad for you and not to consume it. As usual, I want to find the story behind the rumors and provide it to you so we can all make informed, healthy decisions.Coconut Water: Typically derived from young coconuts, coconut water is found in the center of… Read more

A lack of energy is a problem I hear described by many of the people that I work with. My clients that have the most energy to spare are super health conscious – some are raw foodists. While not everyone can afford the time and money involved in a raw diet, there is an easy… Read more