My dear friend Keri Newell came over today to bake with me.  We did a couple of recipes and this one came out the best.  We were, happy, impressed and full after one fiber packed, sweet, delicious muffin.  I wanted to share this with you as soon as possible since pumpkin season is upon us… Read More

Sometimes I just get a feeling in my gut that something is not healthy.  Sometimes that feeling is very strong and others, it’s a tiny warning.  In the case of protein powders, it was a strong feeling.  I never wanted to use them and I couldn’t really explain why.  So many people consume them every… Read More

The dog walker asked for advice through the kitchen window of one of the celebrity clients for whom I cook regularly.  She said she was having an awful time losing weight.  My first question, as always, was, “What is your diet like now?’  She ran down the healthy-ish sounding list of foods that included protein… Read More

People often confuse dairy allergies with lactose intolerance. Some people believe they are one in the same thing. They are actually two very different conditions.Lactose Intolerance:Lactose is a sugar found in milk. Lactase in an enzyme produced in the upper intestinal tract that helps the body metabolize lactose. When the body stops producing lactase, you… Read More

If you keep having allergic reactions and you can’t figure out what they are from, they could be from your lipstick – or the lipstick of someone you’ve kissed!Yes, many lipsticks do contain gluten. Here is a list of ingredients that contain gluten that you should look out for:Amino peptide complexHordeum vulgare (barley) extractPhytosphingosine extractTriticum… Read More