My dear friend Keri Newell came over today to bake with me.  We did a couple of recipes and this one came out the best.  We were, happy, impressed and full after one fiber packed, sweet, delicious muffin.  I wanted to share this with you as soon as possible since pumpkin season is upon us… Read More

Those of us with food allergies often cook for ourselves.  This way, we can get what we want, know how it’s prepared and just what ingredients went into it.  No one will be more careful with your food preparation than you will be.  With this in mind, I am constantly thinking of ways to make… Read More

I used to loathe oatmeal. The texture, the flavor, the blandness of it all. I could eat Cream of Wheat until I was stuffed silly though.Being gluten free means, of course, that I cannot have Cream of Wheat but, I can have oatmeal since it is technically gluten free. The thing is, though, oatmeal is… Read More

I keep hearing from people that coconut milk is bad for you and not to consume it. As usual, I want to find the story behind the rumors and provide it to you so we can all make informed, healthy decisions.Coconut Water: Typically derived from young coconuts, coconut water is found in the center of… Read More

About a month ago, I made up this soup and invited my friend, Claire to come eat it with me. She loved it (as did I). She told me to write it down while it was fresh in my mind but I kept forgetting to and, like all memories, it faded away.Tonight, I decided to… Read More