My dear friend Keri Newell came over today to bake with me.  We did a couple of recipes and this one came out the best.  We were, happy, impressed and full after one fiber packed, sweet, delicious muffin.  I wanted to share this with you as soon as possible since pumpkin season is upon us… Read More

It’s all over the internet. Everywhere you look where there’s any mention of gluten free products or cookbooks or anything gluten free, it’s always the same thing. It has been bugging me for a long while and now I am just going to say it.Why does everything that’s gluten free have to be a baked… Read More

The popular hangout for food allergy sufferers that began in New York City has spread from its second location in downtown Los Angeles to the sweet little street of Larchmont Boulevard. Situated among privately owned boutiques and restaurants and near Paramount and Raleigh studios, Babycakes could not have come to a better neighborhood.The cupcakes and… Read More

About a month ago, I made up this soup and invited my friend, Claire to come eat it with me. She loved it (as did I). She told me to write it down while it was fresh in my mind but I kept forgetting to and, like all memories, it faded away.Tonight, I decided to… Read More

A lack of energy is a problem I hear described by many of the people that I work with. My clients that have the most energy to spare are super health conscious – some are raw foodists. While not everyone can afford the time and money involved in a raw diet, there is an easy… Read More