My dear friend Keri Newell came over today to bake with me.  We did a couple of recipes and this one came out the best.  We were, happy, impressed and full after one fiber packed, sweet, delicious muffin.  I wanted to share this with you as soon as possible since pumpkin season is upon us… Read More

I keep hearing from people that coconut milk is bad for you and not to consume it. As usual, I want to find the story behind the rumors and provide it to you so we can all make informed, healthy decisions.Coconut Water: Typically derived from young coconuts, coconut water is found in the center of… Read More

A private chef client handed me a recipe for a raw foods chai latte smoothie and said, “Can you make this for me?” I looked at the first ingredient – “Water and Meat of Four Coconuts”. I thought to myself “Yipes, I never did go to Rawvolution for that lesson on how to open a… Read More