Recently I was at Jonathan’s beach club in Santa Monica with a dear friend. I thought to myself that at a high end beach club where the memberships are not cheap, they ought to know what gluten free means. No such luck. The guy at the register actually said, with incredulity “You’re allergic to glue?!”

Tonight for dinner was an entirely different experience. I had dinner with the same dear friend at a place called “Taste” and boy does this joint have plenty of it. I was SO impressed with their menu. It was the first time in sixteen years that I ordered pasta with sauteed basil, tomato, garlic and spinach over brown rice penne! This happens to be my favorite pasta dish so I was thrilled.

I savored every bite and happily went to talk with chef Brian about his gluten free option. He was highly knowledgeable on cross contamination and issues facing the gluten free. He said he would re-work any dish he could to satisfy the gluten free eater and with great pleasure.

There are two locations in the LA area. Their menu is inventive and their food well prepared and presented. They use hormone and antibiotic free meats and fresh organic vegetables when available. These are my kind of people.

They have two locations – one at Melrose near La Cienega and one in The Palisades. Go! Eat, drink and enjoy a conscious restaurant choice.

Here’s their website: