How Your Body Products Can Make You Sick

Episode 35: Why you should listen — Dr. Anne Marie Fine discusses the rise in autoimmune diseases, cancer, chronic fatigue, and how they are directly linked to chemicals in the body products we use daily. This podcast is packed with specific things we can do to help children and adults reverse and prevent chronic diseases… Read More

Vibe: The Frequency of Getting Well

Episode 34: Why you should listen — Green Smoothie Girl, Robyn Openshaw takes quantum theory and applies it to your daily experience in her latest book, Vibe; Unlock the Energetic Frequencies of Limitless Health, Love & Success. Learn how food, environmental products, and even our thoughts can be measured scientifically. Daily choices we make can… Read More

My Kid Cures Cancer

Ryan & Teddy Sternagel

Episode 33: Why you should listen — When Ryan & Teddy Sternagel’s son Ryder wasn’t walking or even crawling at one year of age and they found a lump on his spine, they knew something was horribly wrong. The doctors dismissed it but they kept fighting to discover the problem. It was cancer throughout his… Read More

The frequency of getting well

Episode 32: Why you should listen — Frequency Alchemist and Podcast Host, Shana Ekedal has coached and transformed celebrities and CEO’s with her signature process used to transform any area of your life to bring in the joy and fulfillment you have been searching for. She helps you shift your frequency to create wellness in… Read More

how emotional eating can create illness

Episode 31: Why you should listen — Join addictions and eating disorder expert, Tricia Nelson as she shares her wisdom on the link between eating disorders and chronic illness. Tricia is a seasoned pro with over two decades of personal and professional experience in healing addictions and eating disorders once and for all time. In… Read More