Episode 29: Why you should listen — A discussion with one of the foremost experts in the world on plant essential oils, Dr. Eric Zielinski, extensively researches the use of these oils to heal all kinds of illnesses. From cancer to autoimmune diseases, Dr. Z has studied them all and his research can be found… Read More

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episode27 with Lisa Goldberg

Episode 27: Why you should listen — Nutritionist, personal trainer, and weight loss expert, Lisa Goldberg shares answers to commonly asked questions regarding weight loss like why people always seem to gain the weight back. Her answers are not the obvious ones. With a focus on mindset and how habits get created, Lisa suggest some… Read More

The Earth Diet With Liana Werner Gray

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Compassionate Capitalism And Wellness

Episode 25: Why you should listen — World renowned business expert and author of Compassionate Capitalism, Blaine Bartlett discusses the soul and wellness of business and says some very surprising things about the very things that we think business is all about are actually toxic, like goals and quarterly projections. Instead, he offers solutions that… Read More