Top Three Foods Making You Sick

We now know that food can make you sick. It can cause chronic illness and debilitating conditions like fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcers, migraine headaches, asthma, cancer, diabetes, auto immune diseases and the list goes on. Among all the above mentioned diseases are three common foods that are making people sick all over the world… Read More

Turning Trauma Into Triumph

When life throws you a curve ball, what do you do? What about when it keeps throwing them? Do you get up or give up? Join JJ Flizanes, top fitness expert here as she interviews Dr. Meg as she shares her story and her three steps to overcome trauma to become triumphant. If you want… Read More

If “locker room talk” is an excuse for bragging about sexually assaulting women, then locker rooms need to be converted into prisons where men like Donald Trump are behind bars where they belong. I don’t typically take time to speak out about politics but this has moved from the political to the deeply personal and… Read More

10 Ways to Heal Your Broken Heart

This summer was brutal. My heart was broken when the trust was in a relationship that I thought would be my last. Mourning the loss of what seemed to be a profound love is a grieving process. The hardest part is knowing it will never blossom into what I thought we were building. Hopes and… Read More

As a child, brussels sprouts seriously made me gag. I remember being forced to eat “at least two bites” and hearing how “good they are for you”. Y-u-c-k! I did not care if they were the antedote to snake venom. They were gross.Turns out that I was fed frozen Brussels sprouts. They are nasty bitter… Read More