The frequency of getting well

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Episode 32: Why you should listen — Frequency Alchemist and Podcast Host, Shana Ekedal has coached and transformed celebrities and CEO’s with her signature process used to transform any area of your life to bring in the joy and fulfillment you have been searching for. She helps you shift your frequency to create wellness in… Read More

3 Ways to Detox for Glowing Skin

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3 Ways to Detox for Glowing Skin

A gazillion skin creams, scrubs, masques, cleansers, and oils are on the market today.  They all boast they possess the secret to helping you look much younger than you are and keeping you that way. There are so many of these products that most of us are completely confused as to what to use.  The… Read More

how emotional eating can create illness

Episode 31: Why you should listen — Join addictions and eating disorder expert, Tricia Nelson as she shares her wisdom on the link between eating disorders and chronic illness. Tricia is a seasoned pro with over two decades of personal and professional experience in healing addictions and eating disorders once and for all time. In… Read More

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Episode 30: Why you should listen — Learn the key to healing and getting what you truly desire in finances and health. Join this lively conversation with multi-time best selling author and seasoned pro in financial prosperity, Chellie Campbell. She offers her secrets to financial prosperity and how that relates to your health and wellness… Read More

Episode 29: Why you should listen — A discussion with one of the foremost experts in the world on plant essential oils, Dr. Eric Zielinski, extensively researches the use of these oils to heal all kinds of illnesses. From cancer to autoimmune diseases, Dr. Z has studied them all and his research can be found… Read More